These Wet Net/Utility Straps are a real universal product with a multitude of uses, from strapping your brolly and storm pole together in transit, keeping your rods together and even attaching items to your bedchair, rucksack or brolly ribs.

An increasing number of fisheries are insisting on anglers using a chemical dip to protect their stocks. Once you’ve dipped your net and slings they are dripping wet with chemicals and the last thing you want to be doing is putting them on top of your barrow where it can run over your bait, on your food, or sleeping bag.

Team member Matt Eaton has come up with the clever strap system, which clip onto your barrow enabling you to hang all your wet gear underneath your barrow where it can drip dry whilst on the move around the lake.

  • Fully adjustable design to fit any barrow.
  • Keeps wet nets and slings separate from tackle.
  • Can also be used for clipping around brollies, attaching landing nets to rod sleeves etc.
  • Strong webbed strap with a conjoined expandable loops with robust side release buckle.
  • Wet Net/Utility Straps are sold in pairs.



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