The Flatliner controller floats have been designed to lie flat on the surface and as such are far less obtrusive to surface feeding fish than traditional cocked floater controllers, whilst still giving the option of either presentation.

Supplied in a mixed pack of three sizes – small (13 grams), medium (20 grams) and large (30 grams).

  • Matt green colour to blend in with the environment.
  • Feature a recess on the side for tying hookbaits on with PVA for tangle free long range fishing.
  • Full instructions included.



Using The Flatliner

  • Use a soft main line to aid casting – 6lb for open water, up to 12lb in weed.
  • Try a soft, clear hooklink and grease it with line grease or vaseline to help it float.
  • Degrease the last 30cm near the hook so that it breaks the surface film for a more subtle presentation (use de-grease or rub with clay or mud).
  • Try an open gape hook like the Incizor, size 8 or 10.
  • Use the smallest possible swivel and beads or a rig ring between the hooklink and main line.
  • To create a bolt rig, place another bead and a stop knot behind the Flatliner, or use a float stop.
  • Mount the hookbait on a very short hair, tight to the hook shank using a small section of Silicone Rig Tubing.
  • Get the Carp feeding confidently on free offerings before casting out.
  • Avoid spooking the Carp. If possible, cast up wind and allow the Flatliner to drift over the fish, or overcast and slowly retrieve into position.
  • Feather the cast just before the Flatliner lands to straighten out the hooklink.


If you prefer a longer hooklink, the bait can be attached to the recess in the Flatliner body with PVA String or Tape, to aid casting. After the PVA melts, wind the Flatliner back to straighten out the hooklink.
Flatliner Helicopter Rig

Preferred by many anglers for long casting. Reduce hooklink to about 90cm.
Flatliner Cocked Rig

The Flatliner can be fished like a normal controller by moulding Critical Mass Putty around the eye in the base.


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