Lightweight, versatile ‘wind up’ torch. No more batteries failing when you need them most, the Eco-Torch is a completely reliable emergency light that won’t let you down. Light is always available when you need it…

  • Simply charged by winding the handle. 60 seconds of winding gives you 12 minutes of super bright light.
  • 100% charge takes 30 minutes of winding for 6 hours light up time. 50% charge takes 10 minutes of winding for 3 hours light up time.
  • Two lighting modes – concentrated spot beam or wide angled flooding beam.
  • When fully charged will retain power for up to 18 months.
  • Water resistant, extremely durable design.
  • Completely environmentally friendly.
  • Lightweight – 150g.
  • Length = 155mm, Width = 52mm.


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