With a few days off work, I made my way to the lake as the weather was looking bang on for a bite. It was still hot when I arrived, but the weather forecast was predicting a big weather front was due to arrive the following day. After a few laps, I decided on a swim that was quite central and would give me a good view of the lake. The carp can be quite nomadic on this venue, so if something showed then I wanted to give myself the best chance of seeing it.
Wuzy's favourite chod rig components.

I’m not one for thrashing my swim to a foam using a marker float, I much prefer to have a lead around with my fishing rods and when I find a likely spot all I do is clip up and mark my line, so I can get to the spot every time. The type of fishing I favour is a boilie only approach, and the area of silt I had located was not excessively thick but enough to warrant me using one of my favourite presentations, the chod rig. This comprised of a length of Heavy Plummet Leadcore, a size 12 Covert Flexi Ring Swivel, 15lb Trip Wire and a size 6 Covert Chod hook. After getting my rig positioned, out flew about one hundred baits in the general area. I like to get them searching for their food rather than concentrating it all in one spot.

Initially I was casting out about 70 yards to a nice clean pocket of silt, but as the weather pushed in the next day, I quickly realised that the bulk of the carp were showing around 120 yards in front of me. I was soon winding in and because I use the Hydro Sink braid, I thought it would be wise to put on my Gardner Casting Glove before casting.

The scales read 28lb 8oz and it was one of the most stunning carp that I have caught.

The rig had only been out there for half hour when it roared off and I was soon attached to one angry carp. My heart was in my mouth throughout the fight, but after a while I had it in the net and punched the air in delight. This was my first carp from the water after nearly 10 months!

The scales read 28lb 8oz’s and it was one of the most stunning carp that I had caught, which was confirmed as it was aptly named ‘the pretty one’. After taking a few pictures, I slipped my prize back and the rig was soon winging its way back out there.

Unbelievably, I had another take within an hour and this one felt I bit bigger. I was shaking thinking it could be one of the big girls. The lads as usual were on hand to net the fish for me, and the scales revealed a chunky 32lb 2oz mirror carp called ‘the little male’. I was soon smiling for the camera again and after a lot of handshakes and plenty of tea drunk I was soon left to my own thoughts and tried to take in what had actually happened. To say I was on cloud nine was an understatement!
Unbelievably I had another take within an hour, which resulted in this mirror weighing 32lb 2oz!