As part of my University course, I was recently on a 4 week work placement at CEMEX Angling. The first week I was doing fishery management work around Kingsmead One, which gave me the opportunity to do work nights on the lake!

On just my second night I bagged this awesome looking 44lb 8oz mirrorAt 1.30am on only the second night, my 14mm Coco Nutty snowman hook bait was picked up. It was a very powerful fish, and after a tense fight where it picked up all my other lines, my mate Calum Kletta expertly netted it. The size 8 Continental Mugga (that I had stolen from Calum!) was firmly bedded in it’s bottom lip. At 44lb 8oz it was a new PB and certainly made the next few days of tree work much easier.

The fish was nailed using a size 8 Covert Continental MuggaThe next week was spent away from the complex doing electro fishing work, so the following week I decided to fish another lake on the complex, namely Horton Boat pool. After spotting a fish show the first morning while packing up for work, I mentally marked the spot ready for the night ahead. That night the temperature dropped to minus seven with freezing fog, but I was brimming with confidence. I was awake at first light, and at 7am the rod cast where the fish had shown produced a bite. It was no screaming bite, as the bite alarm was frozen, as was the clutch on the reel! It seemed I had struck gold again, as this fish turned out to be a new PB common of 34lb 8oz! It was a scale perfect golden common which looked stunning against the frozen white backdrop of winter. I couldn’t believe my luck, I was supposed to be working not catching PB’s but I certainly wasn’t complaining!
My second PB, this time a common weighing 34lb 8oz!