Gardner Tackle’s Media Executive had a productive weekend chasing chub on his favourite southern river.

Alan's rigs bitsAlan adopted his successful mag-aligner tactics using 10lb light blend Pro Carp main line, a 2oz running lead, 14 inches of 10lb Target Speciskin and a size 12 Mugga hook with an Enterprise mag-aligner grub slid over the shank of the hook. A large Micromesh PVA bag containing around half a pint of white maggots was attached to the rig, leaving an attractive pile of germs for the chub to feed on. An hour after casting Alan received a positive bite and unfortunately lost the fish soon after.

He returned the following evening and adopting the same tactics positioned a rig across to a far bank run. Just after dark he received the bite he was waiting for and as soon as he picked the rod up he knew a big chub was responsible. The fight lasted around five minutes before a big old rubber lips surfaced and was slipped into the waiting net.

A cracking 7lb 3oz chub for AlanThe specimen tipped the scales at 7lb 3oz and makes a great start to Alan’s winter campaign.