The Twistik Lite range of heavy duty extendable banksticks feature an auger style point and are manufactured from high-grade aluminium that offers both strength and durability – whilst being relatively lightweight.

Across the variety of lengths, these banksticks have a multitude of uses from big water sticks, bivvy sticks or for use on a weigh station. Twistik Lite banksticks will cope with it all.

The design means that Twistiks can be extended to nearly twice their length, retaining full rigidity. The range features a cam-lock style locking mechanism, that is easy to use and sets the height securely, with a simple lever action.

The top fitting features a stainless steel T-Bar for tightening down buzzer bars and accessories. It can also be used when you need to apply extra force for screwing the bottom section into hard ground, by inserting into the recess just below the cam-lock.

The Twistik Lite range features ‘standard’ 3/8 BSF threads, so that they will work in conjunction with most other standard bankware.

  • Available in 4 popular sizes including 18″, 24″, 36″ and 48″.
  • 2 colour choices available: Dark Green and Gunsmoke.
Type Colour Size Code
Twiststik Lite Green 18″ (46cm) TSTL18G
Twiststik Lite Green 24″ (61cm) TSTL24G
Twiststik Lite Green 36″ (91cm) TSTL36G
Twiststik Lite Green 48″ (122cm) TSTL48G
Twiststik Lite Gunsmoke 18″ (46cm) TSTL18
Twiststik Lite Gunsmoke 24″ (61cm) TSTL24
Twiststik Lite Gunsmoke 36″ (91cm) TSTL36
Twiststik Lite Gunsmoke 48″ (122cm) TSTL48


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