Pop-Up Foam

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A range of open cell, super buoyant foams that are useful for many coarse, carp and sea angling situations.

  • Small pieces can be cut off and trimmed to use on Zig Rigs or for balancing hooks and baits, making pop-ups, etc.
  • Another very popular application of this foam is the balancing of dead baits when pike or catfishing. Simply adding a piece of Red Pop-Up foam adds both buoyancy (to assist presentation) and colour that stimulates the pikes predatory instincts.
  • Many knowledgeable European surf anglers are using small 1cm pieces to add buoyancy and natural movement to their baits, calling this the ‘Hunter Rig’.

Sizes and types available:

  • White 4mm diameter x 50mm length Pop-Up Foam is available in packs of 100.
  • White 6mm diameter x 50cm length Pop–Up Foam is available in a pack of 1.
  • White 10mm diameter x 50cm length Pop–Up Foam is available in a pack of 1.
  • Black, Red and Yellow 6mm diameter x 50cm length Pop–Up Foam are also available in packs of 1.
  • Bulk 15m packs are also available in the 6mm foam. These are available in the following colours: White, Red, Yellow and Black.


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