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If you’re fishing a venue where the lake bed tends to be a bit scruffy then this could be the perfect hooklink for you!

The ultra dark green colour of Chod Skin blends in seamlessly across a wide range of aquatic environments; from filamentous weed and pond weeds, to silt and decaying leaf matter…. and all other kinds of chod. Hence its name! This makes it a great hooklink for casting at showing fish; after all most the time your rig wont be landing on cleaned off spots – it’s far more likely to land on dark lake bed or in silt deposits.

Chod Skin is a soft and supple coated hooklink. This helps it to settle nicely across uneven lake beds helping it appear less conspicuous to feeding fish and also feels more natural to fish grubbing about the lake bed feeding around your baited rig.

Gardner Chod Skin hooklink features:

  • Fast sinking, ultra-supple Dyneema inner core braid allows free movement of small, light hookbaits, greatly improving hooking efficiency and the effectiveness of this type of rig.
  • A soft removable outer coating that is extremely user friendly. It’s easy to strip and knot, whilst retaining just enough rigidity to avoid tangles.
  • For best results steam to straighten.
  • Low viz, matt finish, ‘dark chod’ coloured outer skin is perfect for almost any lake or river bed.
  • Available on 20m spools in 15lb and 25lb (rated by knot strength).
  • 15lb – low diameter without compromising strength, abrasion resistance or knotting and stripping.

    25lb – brutally strong and tough.

Breaking Strain Colour Meterage
15lb (6.8kg) Camo Blend 20m
25lb (11.3kg) Camo Blend 20m

Chod Skin

‘Balanced Bait Rig’ step by step guide:


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