• The Great Hookbait Experiment – Ricky Thomas

    Three rods, three different hookbait presentations, one baited area. Which one catches the most fish – pop-up, wafter or bottom bait? Ricky Thomas investigates... MOST anglers today use three rods and quite often they opt to fish all three in a tight area, especially when looking to get the fish feeding well. With that in mind...

  • Up Close and Personal – Lewis Read

    “All my target fish are special” He’s caught some of the most desired carp in the land. Here’s what Gardner’s Lewis Read has to say. LEWIS Read has fished many of the country’s toughest waters, including the tricky Car Park Lake, where he caught his personal best – the famous Heather the Leather at 47lb 12oz. UK Carp spoke to him...

  • Super Singles – Ricky Thomas

    Ricky Thomas demonstrates the effectiveness of keeping your rods active and finding the fish during a session on a large winter reservoir WINTER carp fishing is a challenge. Fish will usually be lethargic, so I find a mobile approach gives me the best shot at locating them. Durleigh Reservoir is an 80-acre venue with a good...

  • Simple and Tangle-Free – Calum Kletta

    Calum Kletta’s take on a favourite rig means he can fish it anywhere from right under the rod-tip to extreme range. I AM not an angler that spends sleepless nights over minute changes that I could make to my rigs – I would much rather they were simple and effective. For this reason, my favourite is the snowman rig, but I do make...

  • No Escape with This – Ian Lewis

    “This is a rig I have a lot of faith in. Ist ’fairly simple to tie, almost tangle-free and offers superb hook holds with great anti-eject properties,” says Gardner’s Ian Lewis. I USE this rig over most substrates, and the broken colour of the Disruption coated braid blends in nicely, especially when you've got a mixture of...

  • Little Baits Big Carp – Ricky Thomas

    Gardner Tackle’s Ricky Thomas looks at how smaller baits can catch wary specimens. WITH the modern big-fish scene now dominated by boilies, it’s not surprising to see how many anglers arrive at their chosen venue, get the throwing stick out and fire out 18mm baits. With their aerodynamic shape and different application methods, it makes...

  • Into Iktus – Nick Burrage

    Nick Burrage finds there’s something special brewing at this crystal-clear venue in the far south of France... MOST people book their French trips well in advance, but my trip to Iktus Lake came round rather quickly to say the least. After speaking to Robert Watts from who takes bookings for...

  • Digger Lakes – Ricky Thomas

    Gardner Tackle’s Ricky Thomas fishes Digger Lakes in Devon for the first time and reveals the tactics he uses for a successful debut... YOUR first session on a venue is always exciting as you plan how to get that first fish in the net. There are some simple rules I always follow to give me an edge, and they certainly served me...

  • Close Encounters – Ian Lewis

    There's an instant cure for insect bites, sunburn and hay fever that exists only to anglers. All the unwanted by-products of a summer’s day on the bank are banished in a flash by a screaming clutch. Ian Lewis’s single rod, lying in the freshly trampled grass of a tucked-away margin spot, is shaking and bouncing as a fleeing...

  • Does Boilie Colour Matter – Tom Oliver

    Gardner-sponsored angling coach Tom Oliver discusses the role that both bright and dull hookbaits play throughout the seasons. I'm often asked why I use certain hookbait colours in particular fishing situations at different times of the year. Through experience, my decisions now come as second nature, but it was...


  • Making The Most Of It – Tony Welch

    I was watching the telly when my wife said, “You haven’t been night fishing for a few weeks. Why don’t you go for a couple of nights?” She was correct; I had only done a single night’s fishing in each of the previous three months. Of course, I had done plenty of day sessions, but that’s the way I like to go in the winter…

  • A Great Year – Kai Richards

    I have had a great year’s fishing, catching 10 thirties and my first UK forty. I have been concentrating on a syndicate water in Ringwood and this is currently my second year on there, but this year I have managed a few special ones. My first memorable session was during the middle of March. I decided to set up on the Woods…

  • Up Close and Personal – Calum Kletta

    There can’t be a more exciting way of catching a big carp (or any carp for that matter) than watching it feed close into the bank, planning your approach and then watching the moment the fish is hooked! It is an easy and effective way of fishing, but too many anglers get caught up in the three-rods-on-a-spot-and-sit-back-and-wait…

  • Back to France – Calum Kletta

    In the early spring last year Tom Oliver, Andy Loble and I had a brilliant long weekend trip to France, visiting a lake called Lac de Laneuville. We all managed bites, which was a result given the freezing cold conditions, and I managed three thirties topped by a 36lb common. At the end of March 2014 I was lucky enough…

  • Abbey Adventures – Calum Kletta

    In 2012 I was lucky enough to get a winter trip to the famous Abbey Lakes complex in France with the purpose of doing some filming for the Gardner Tackle website and YouTube channel. We did really well with all three of us catching new PBs and even two fifties between us. We had been keen to get back ever since…

  • Ambition Achieved – Chewy French

    Understandably, I was full of excitement and anticipation as I arrived for my first session on Horton Church Lake. With the carp barrow loaded, I headed off on to the banks. I’d never even seen the Lake before and came to an abrupt stop when I first gazed across the water, almost pulling a muscle in my cheeks with…

  • Snag Fishing – Lewis Clayton

    Since the start of the year I've been doing one night a week on a local water near me called Winterley Pool in Sandbach. I've been so busy with work that travelling and fishing longer sessions has just not been feasible. It’s a shallow lake, only averaging four feet, so it has good cold-water form. I have enjoyed my time on…

  • Creeping Up on a Margin Monster – Nick Burrage

    Margin fishing and stalking have always been a big passion of mine, even from the early days in my carping career. I would often use paste baits to outwit my quarry, only being able to fish a few yards from the bank. This was more due to the soft bait really, but this close range carping has always stayed in my blood…

  • Perfecting a Rig – Nick Burrage

    It can take years of personal findings to perfect a rig. Despite all the rigs shown in magazines or websites for you to try, I notice there’s always something missing: you’re own confidence and understanding! As I take you through my findings from over the years, I will try my best to rub off some of my confidence on to you…


  • Trilakes Red Letter Day – Brandon Butler

    Young Brandon Butler is this month’s Under-21s writer, and not only has he got a great story to tell about catching lots of fish, they are also absolute stunners. I decided on a 48hr-session at Trilakes Country Park because I have been trying to get amongst the bigger residents which I have seen there. The weather was spot on...

  • The Multi-Recoil – Paul Hatton

    After experiencing problems with pest species, Paul Hatton makes a few tweaks to get around the little blighters, and has come up with a Multi-Rig approach which incorporates a nifty little recoil effect. I’m a firm believer in not fixing what isn’t broken when it comes to my rigs, but now and again you find yourself in a...

  • The Good Old Bag and Stick – Paul Hatton

    We’ve all seen features about using PVA, but Paul Hatton has gone one step further. His aim is to get you more bites by letting you in on his most successful mixes which have accounted for plenty of fish over the years. The good old PVA bag – I’m sure that pretty much every carp angler uses PVA on a regular basis. A simple mesh...

  • Stories of Success – Kai Richards

    This time, young Kai Richards tells the story of quite possibly the best month’s carp angling anyone could ever wish for. Prepare to be amazed! March was quite possibly my best month of angling since I can remember. It started with a 48-hour session in a swim where I had seen a fish bosh out while I was walking around the pit...

  • Rig Concealment – Rich Adams

    This month we catch up with Rich Adams to get the lowdown on the business end of his rods, and how he likes his rigs to be as stealthy as possible on the lakebed. How important is rig concealment for you? When it comes to rigs, I have always liked to keep things as simple as possible; if something is working I stick...

  • Particle Power – Paul Hatton

    Much is written about boilie fishing and getting the best from your boilies, but don’t forget the magical particles. We go in-session with Paul Hatton to find out how he makes the most of the humble particle. I’ve been using particles in my carp fishing for years and years. I imagine that many of you have too, but have you..

  • Get on Top – Rich Adams

    This month we catch up with Rich Adams and head off on a floater fishing adventure to see if he can bag a couple on the top. It’s a lovely warm afternoon and he’s only got his surfacefishing gear to hand, so the challenge is on. It was a lovely afternoon when I arrived at my syndicate lake to fi nd a warm, light southwesterly...

  • Stories of Success – Calum Kletta

    Hauling machine Calum Kletta relives his autumn campaign, when he joined a new syndicate and seemed to get amongst the fish pretty quickly. If you want to read about catching chunks and lots of them, you’ll love this one. 64 Crafty Carper “This one felt like a big fish through the whole battle, and 15 minutes later, with great...

  • Backleads – Lewis Read

    If you like to stay discreet and keep your lines away from your cautious prey, then using backleads can give you a definite edge. Lewis Read gives you the low-down on what, where, how and why. With the increase in popularity of fluorocarbon line, you could be forgiven for thinking that the days of the good old-fashioned backlead...


  • Fake It on Three Levels – Alan Stagg

    Imitations, or fake baits as they are called, have a big advantage over natural baits in that they are less likely to suffer from the attentions of nuisance fish. Plus they have the advantage of being buoyant, so they can be fished at any depth. Plastic imitations like corn and grubs have been around for ages, and in the…

  • The Rig That Did It – Alan Stagg

    Coarse Fishing Answers expert Alan Stagg is one of the best and most well-known big-fish anglers in the country. He’s captured a number of monster fish over the years and has a PB list to make even the best of us green with envy. His latest capture, though, is one of his best, rocking the big-fish world with one of the biggest…

  • Carp Rigs 101 – Alan Stagg

    Since the evolution of modern carp fishing began way back in the last century, anglers have devised and developed ever-more elaborate rigs to fool ever-more clever fish. Some have come and gone, others are so complicated you need a PhD in design and knot tying to build then, but there are three that every aspiring big-fish…

  • Bag a Big Carp – Alan Stagg

    The PVA bag has become a bit of a go-to presentation for carpers over recent years. In terms of bait presentation it’s pretty much unbeatable. You’re essentially placing your hook bait slap bang on top of a pile of feed, meaning that once a carp comes across your bait and starts feeding the chances of you getting a take are massively…

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With the onset of the cold weather, LEWIS READ reveals how to adapt your rigs to ensure that this winter is one to remember. Tactics.pdf
Even when the conditions are against you there are plenty of carp to be caught. Now’s the time to use the quieter banks and shorter daylight hours to your advantage.