GT-HD High Definition

“Spooled up 2 reels with this, awesome! An excellent line, with little or no memory. Lays well, sinks well and good knot quality. I was very impressed with its casting smoothness and found the low memory works well with hair rig creation and Zig rigs. Excellent Quality.”

FisherRob, Customer

“I tried GR-60 when it first came out, then GT-80, I didn’t think it could be improved. I needed new line, bought GT-HD. What impressed me first was the line lay, casting was effortless, knot strength and abrasive quality gave me added confidence for stress free angling.”

Pat Carter, Customer

GT-HD is manufactured exclusively for Gardner Tackle with a unique high grade copolymer formula using cutting edge manufacturing processes to give the line reduced stretch and a crisp feel without compromising the other key characteristics.

After all, why develop a line that offers exceptional feel if it doesn’t retain the high knot strength, great abrasion resistance, fast sinking and a lovely smooth supple feel that anglers want? By developing a main line that brings together all of these features ‘GT-HD’ sets a new benchmark in performance copolymer main lines. And by manufacturing GT-HD in an awesome low-viz colour we’ve created a line that simply out-performs all other low stretch lines in every way. Available in: 12lb (0.33mm), 15lb (0.35mm) and 18lb (0.39mm)