When you purchase a brand new Gardner TLB pr TLB+ from an authorised retailer you enter into a contract with that retailer. If for any reason, you have a product that is either faulty or does not reach your expectations please return it to the retailer where it was purchased from. If returned within a reasonable time (usually 30 days) you should be entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. *We recommend you check the retailer’s own returns policy before purchase.

Under the terms of the Gardner TLB warranty you may return the buzzer within 12 months of purchase if the fault is with the product. Please do not return the item to the retailer if it is over 12 months old. In these circumstances please contact Gardner directly either via phone or email first, so that we can advise the best way to proceed.

If you are returning a TLB for repair, replacement or other assessment under warranty, a ‘PROOF OF PURCHASE’ is required. We will also need your full contact details including name, address, email and telephone number plus details of the problem or issue.

This warranty does not cover any damage or problems caused by user error or misuse. Battery leaks are also not covered by this warranty.

Gardner Tackle Limited reserves the right to repair or replace faulty products at their discretion. Any products returned without a valid purchase receipt or found not to be faulty may incur a charge.

The warranty is not valid without a proof of purchase. None of the above affects in any way your statutory rights.

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