Brolly Poles

Gardner Tackle Products


The original screw-in Brolly Pole was the first on the market and has not been bettered since.

  • Individually machined from a length of Solid Aluminium these poles will literally last a lifetime.
  • Constructed from ¾ inch (19mm) solid lightweight high tensile Aluminium with machine threaded tip, so it is as tough as they come.
  • Steel T-Bar for winding into really hard banks.
  • Manufactured in the UK – Beware of inferior imitations.
  • Available in 29″ (73cm), 36″ (91cm) and 48″ (120cm).
BROLLY POLE 29″ (73cm)
BROLLY POLE 36″ (91cm)
BROLLY POLE 48″ (120cm)

Made in the UK

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