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Carp Fishing ~ Is It or Isn’t It? ~ Lewis Read

Thursday evening heralded the end of ‘time out’ on the 3 day 4 day off rule at Welly and as always (as a habitual carp addict) I was eager to get home and pop to the lake. Too eager it would seem, as I rushed in grabbed the gear and [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Angling Adventures 2018 Part 1 ~ Ian Lewis

After 3 months away from angling from mid-December 2017 due to family health, any future angling laid very much in the balance of my wife and mother-in-law’s road to recovery, which at times was a bit touch and go, and a big worry. I’m glad to say my mother-in-law [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Give ’em a good kicking! ~ Lewis Read

Hooking Arrangements Cyclic fads and the constantly changing fashions in carp rigs sometimes undermine us angler's perception of some amazingly affective ‘tried and tested’ hooking arrangements. I guess that it’s just the way we’re programmed making it absolutely natural for us super keen carpers to assume that new rigs somehow supersede the [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Yateley Pads Lake 2018 ~ Tommy De Cleen

I’m addicted to fishing in the UK and I simply can’t get enough of it. Why? Well simply, I just love the experience. Over the last few years I have visited the UK twice a year and 2018 wasn’t going to be any different. During the later part of [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Three’s A Crowd ~ Lewis Read

I sat there frowning as I pondered my next move and how I could possibly recover from the metaphorical check mate that angling leviathan ‘Dominator’ Dave Finn and Ed ‘the Crow’ Wade had cleverly contrived to wrestle me into. If we were wrestlers in a ring, then it would [...]