Ultra stiff hooklinks are really effective as they ‘kick’ the bait out to a fixed distance from the lead arrangement that means they react quicker when a fish mouths or sucks in the hook bait. The 15lb super stiff skinned hooklink used in these rigs is designed to do exactly this.

The Stiff Skin Rig’s performance is further enhanced by incorporating a short angled section of shrink tube over the Incizor hook’s eye that creates an extremely aggressive and fast reacting hooking mechanism. A short stripped section by the hook means that it is free to pivot and turn freely and unhindered. The combination of these key elements means that the hook holds are rock solid.

Suitable for use with a multitude of hook bait, you can use them with boilies, particles or balanced presentations (i.e. Enterprise buoyant fake corn, etc).

These rigs are tied in the UK, guaranteeing the highest standards. Always reliable and easy to use, our ready tied rigs using Covert hooks and terminal components ensure that the finished rigs offer good camouflage and are extremely reliable.

Stiff Skin Rigs are available in Size 6, Size 8 and Size 10, Barbed or Barbless.

Tips – We recommend that you balance the size of the hookbait to the size of hook you are using – for instance with a 18mm bait we suggest using a size 6 hook, whereas with a single small 12mm bait or nut a size 8 or 10 hook will offer a more balanced presentation.
Always check that your hook points are sharp after each fish – a blunt hook will be easy for a carp to reject (a sharp hook will catch you loads more!).


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