Special Edition Continental Mugga Hook

Special Edition Continental Mugga Hook

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The outrageously strong Continental Mugga hooks have always featured an extra strong wire that means that the pattern combines the original Mugga’s amazing hooking power with the raw strength anglers need when fishing for the biggest carp in the most taxing conditions.

We have limited Special Edition size 4 Continental Mugga hooks available right now, that feature a ridiculously sharp elongated point and micro barb that will most certainly be of interest to customers that use this pattern for their big fish angling.

Few carp hooks have the pedigree of the Mugga hook! The pattern offers amazingly strong hook holds thanks to the key features.

Just like all Gardner hooks, the manufacturing of these Special Edition Continental Mugga hooks includes a double tempering process that ensures the high carbon steel wire offers optimal strength.

These amazing hooks are available from good angling retailers now, but we only have a very limited run so they won’t be available forever.

ONLY available in size 4 barbed. 10 hooks per pack.

‘Tom Oliver’s Pop Up Rig’ step by step guide:


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