Adapt the Steve Neville Alarms to work with the ATTx Receivers

The NV Back has been designed to adapt one of the most popular roller wheel alarms into a multi-function wireless system. Product design and development was conducted over a considerable time period and these units were subjected to some serious testing bankside.

Please note battery not supplied, battery required is a GP11A (also known as an MN11 A11 E11A L1016 6v Battery).

  • 100% Watertight
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Fits the Neville alarms old and new
  • Fits the Nash SS alarm
  • Compatable with the V2 receiver
  • Extended Snag safe ears
  • Huge Wireless Range
  • Sonic Welded casing

If you require the Neville Alarm Back to be fitted professionally please click here for more information:






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