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Introducing the Angletec S-System…

Introducing the Dynamic Lead System…

A totally new lead system for carping. A lead system that you have never seen before. A lead system that the fish have never seen before. A lead system with greater hooking efficiency than an inline lead, more reliable snag release than a lead clip and the most tangle resistant run rig system.

How does it work?

Watch the video to see how simple is it to assemble and use the dynamic lead system.

There are three key components in the system; the inboard insert, the run rig clip and the Dynamic Lead. These components come together to create a single, seamless, compact unit. The Dynamic Lead system is 100% adaptable, with all dynamic leads being fully compatible with the inboard insert, the run rig clip and the gripper sleeve.

The Dynamic Grip Lead System

The dynamic lead system using the grip lead has been designed for angling in the most demanding specimen fishing environments, originally concept was to develop, the ultimate lead shape and system for carp fishing on large continental lakes and rivers where a boat or bait boat was typically being used for bait deployment.

The serrated grip on the underside of the lead greatly enhances rig stability and the extreme compact shape produces maximum hooking efficiency to your chosen rig.

The system was further enhanced by the addition of a hole which allows a pva bag to be tied direct to the lead which makes the smaller sizes perfect for proven rigs like the mag aligner or any situation where tangle free angling with a pva bag is an advantage.

The Angletec Dynamic Grip Lead System is 100% adaptable with all lead types being fully compatible with the inboard insert, run rig clip, gripper sleeve and system swivels.

The Dynamic Grip Lead system is ideal for fishing over clay, gravel, light weed and firm mud.

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