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Since their introduction in January 2018, our amazing ‘Specialist Sharpened’ hook range has literally flown off the shelves. There’s no denying that these hooks are an outright edge for anglers that are aiming to create the most effective rigs imaginable. Each and every hook is honed personally by the maestro, Jason Hayward, and individually capped to keep that perfect razor sharp point in absolutely pristine condition. We are pleased to announce that after a gargantuan effort by Jason, we have built up stocks of these exquisitely hand sharpened hooks so we can keep up with demand.

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  • carp fishing plenty in the tank featured

Carp Fishing – Plenty In The Tank – Ian Lewis

It’s no coincidence that many great anglers have surrounded themselves and learnt from other successful, educated anglers, so this is exactly what I did. It’s been a long learning curve that’s forever evolving, but during this period I’ve gained so much knowledge and memories...

  • Menuge Antoine

Menuge Antoine

Complètement autodidacte dans ma pêche depuis l’âge de 11 ans car je n’ai jamais eu la chance d’avoir une personne pour m’y emmener. C’est à 15 ans que je commence à me consacrer uniquement [...]