I started fishing from a very young age, angling for me started on local drains and channels with my Dad who was a passionate angler himself. This then slowly progressed on to the more ‘commercial venues’ as my skills improved and the desire to catch bigger fish crept in.

At 14, I got a Saturday job in a local tackle shop and my inquisitiveness for big carp started to grow. I kept seeing photos of big carp (for my area back then a 20lb carp was a big fish) and before long I slowed up the match fishing and started serious carp angling.

Up until 2020, all my angling was down in the South West of England (Somerset/Devon/Cornwall) I have been fortunate enough to have caught some of the best fish from that area. This includes over 15 fish over 40lb and well over 100 30s.

Now I have flown the SW nest and my career in management has developed, I’m now fortunate enough to live in the Cotswolds where I’m surrounded by some amazing lakes. In 2022, the plan is to continue to fish my syndicate waters, but try and visit new places (both day ticket and new syndicate tickets) where new challenges await. There is no fish goal as such, but a proper UK 50 would be something I would warmly welcome. The aim of the year, is to have fun, fish more sociably in the hope to create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. If my luck continues, I’m sure a few special ones will oblige and have a photo with me.

Fact File

Name: Ricky Knight
Nickname: Ricky
Location: Cotswolds
Date of Birth: 7/10/1991
Favourite Venues:
PB’s (lb): UK PB – 49lb 12oz Common, 49lb 12oz Mirror