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I’ve been fishing for over 50 years with my Dad introducing me to fishing at the age of four.

We moved to Stamford in Lincolnshire when I was ten years old and I started fishing on my own for Chub and roach on the local river Wellend. I joined a junior match fishing group and we travelled round to various venues. My Dad showed me how to use ordinance survey maps to find new lakes and unfished stretches of river.

On family holidays in the summer time we came to Bournemouth, so I used to have great fun catching Barbel and Chub from the Royalty Fishery on the Hampshire Avon.

When I was old enough to cycle 7 to 10 miles, I started to find Tench waters and spent years fishing the Brick pits around Peterborough for Tench.

At sixteen years old I started Carp fishing around the Maxey area, which was about 7 miles from our house. I then joined the Army and was posted to Germany. I took my fishing tackle with me and fished for carp when I found the time. It was a fantastic opportunity, guesting on big German lakes with no other anglers about.

After leaving the Army in 1983 I put a winter campaign into Roach fishing on the river Wellend. I had no car so I had to walk. The winter months were very cold but I managed to catch Roach up to 3.5lb.

I spent the next few years just pleasure angling and I started Carp fishing again in the early 90s. At that time I was living in Berkshire. I focused on lots of big pits including Wraysbury Two and Ellis, where I caught the now famous Dink at 26lb, and also fished the River Thames. Catching 30s, which were very big carp at the time, from most of the venues I fished at.

When I became a Father of two daughters, I gave up carp fishing due to time commitment. Over the last twenty years I have lived in Bournemouth Dorset and as my daughters have got older, I have found a lot more time to fish.

I’m not really a travelling angler, so I catch what’s in my local waters. I have spent sixteen years fishing the Dorset Stour. I then moved on to the Hampshire Avon but, to be fair, I still fish both rivers as they are so close to where I live. I’ve caught Chub up to 8.10lb and a brace of Chub weighing 8.4lb and 7.10lb. I only tend to photograph 6lb Chub and over these days, as I’m well into the hundreds on that count, and I’ve managed fourteen Chub over 7lb.

I do most of my Barbel fishing on the Hampshire Avon, Where I’ve caught seven over 15lb and two over 17lb.

Four years ago, I wrote a chapter in a book about one of my best Chub catches. I also wrote an article for Catch Cult magazine about Barbel fishing two years ago.

Tench fishing is one of my favorite forms of fishing and this I mostly do on the big pits. I’ve been a member of the Tench fishers group for about eight years and wrote a few articles for their magazine. I also had the pleasure of doing a slideshow for them. I have recently written a Tench article for Catch cult magazine.

It’s not easy on those big waters in springtime, but it’s something else when you net a big Tench.

Tight Lines, Rob Young

Fact File

Name: Robert Young
Nickname: The Sniper
Location: Bournemouth Dorset
Date of Birth: 09/03/1962
Favourite Venues: Spinney, Wrasbury 2, Hampshire Avon, Dorset Stour
PB’s (lb): Barbel 17.3 – Chub 8.10 – Tench 10.8 – River Roach 3.5 – Lake Roach 2.10 – Mirror and Common Carp 30+