• Wesley Mast

As a young teenager I got invited by a friend to join him on a local club lake fishing for carp. We started out on the surface and ended up catching these beautiful creatures on the bottom and I fell in love with them from this day on.

Before I knew it I found myself in a local tackle shop spending the monthly allowance that I got from my parents buying rods, tackle and bait. Since then every spare minute I had was dedicated to this exciting new world and stayed like this for several years.

Still, somewhere along the way I started to take an interest into the car-tuning scene (VW fanatic) and carp fishing disappeared more or less into the background for several years, although in truth it never left my mind) but I just didn’t had the time anymore with my newfound hobby and playing basketball at a high level (semi-pro) in Belgium, could have turned pro but didn’t fancy it at the time (young, I know!).

Years passed but the virus kept growing and growing until I couldn’t ignore it anymore! It made me go insane so I sold the car(s) and slowly bought a whole new carp kit and learned as much I could again about the ever evolving passion that is carp fishing – a lot had changed over the years!

So I started fishing again and never looked back since. Carp fishing is more than just catching a carp, coming from a hectic lifestyle playing basketball, work fulltime and having a family of my own, it’s where I find my balance in life, my own little world where I find peace and solitude – although I love my family very much and I would give up my fishing if need be, I just need it if that makes sense. It’s hard to explain.

My fishing consists of 1 or 2 nights a week, with the odd evening session here and there on public lakes in Belgium. These are mixed with short trips abroad to the Uk and France so I enjoy a great variety keeping it all fresh and exciting.

Fact File

Name: Wesley Mast
Nickname: Lange
Location: Antwerp (Belgium)
Date of Birth: 30/06/1980
Favourite Venues: Small intimate public lakes
PB’s (lb): 45.9lb common / Leather carp 41lb 8oz / 54.6lb mirror