I first got into fishing from a young age of 9 years old. I found myself fishing on the surface with floating crust on the smaller lakes in the local area where I live, and this ignited my passion for carp angling.

It lead onto various different angling methods from match to stalking etc which gave me the tools for catching my first 20lb carp. This gave me the hunger to fish more difficult and challenging venues all of which have their own unique environments. These have tested my angling ability in the pursuit of catching not only larger carp but also chasing rare and beautiful prestigious carp.

I am a painter and decorator by trade and specialise in the bespoke finishing of furniture and eclectic paraphernalia for the hospitality and leisure industry. Like many of us I squeeze in over nighters during the week and spend as many weekends as possible on the bank enjoying nature at its finest. Angling is not just about the catching but also appreciating the world we live in and taking a moment to clear your thoughts and see the bigger picture.

I am currently fishing a tricky large low stock water in the Ringwood area which is home to some of the country’s finest carp. It is one of the most challenging places I have fished to date and continues to push my angling ability from fishing at long range to up close and personal.

Fact File

Name: Matthew Lockett
Nickname: Rockett or Polly Pockett
Location: Ringwood
Date of Birth: 08/02/1991
Favourite Venues: Ringwood Valley
PB’s (lb): 44lb 6oz mirror, 40lb 12 common