Fishing has always run in my family’s blood and it was only a matter of time before I became addicted myself.

Starting out at the age of 8 years old fishing for anything that came along, it was only a matter of time before I was smitten with the carp fishing bug. I remember watching all the older anglers using new bite alarm technology/hair rigs/boilies etc., it fascinated me and from there on my obsession with carp fishing began.

I cut my teeth on the local waters around Essex, being dropped off and picked up by my mum and dad until I passed my driving test. Once I had passed my driving test I decided to test myself and fish Darenth big lake where I learnt a whole new side of angling. Since then I have fished many waters in and around the Kent/Essex/Cambridge/Hertfordshire areas.

I have also spent many years fishing abroad in France. My first visit was to the famous ‘Les Quis’ complex back when I was 18. Since then I have been making regular trips to venues all over the country, sometimes up to three per year.

My UK fishing is mainly based around short sessions these days as having a busy job and a two young children takes up most of my time, but the obsession is still the same now as it was back all those years ago, once you have the bug it never leaves you!

I have always been a fan of Gardner products and I am proud to say that I now work for them. Serious products for serious carp anglers and if you have confidence in your tackle the rest will follow.

Fact File

Name: James ‘Cricky’ Clarke
Nickname: Cricky
Location: Chipping Ongar, Essex
Date of Birth: 20/02/1975
Favourite Venues: Hertfordshire Syndicate, But many other waters around the south east, all hold special memories.
PB’s (lb): UK common 44lb 6oz, UK mirror 42lb 4oz, European PB 56lb 5oz