I am Rex Van Puffelen, an angler from 5 years of age and I have been ever since. I started with a pole and some method and pike fishing. I caught my first carp ever, when I was 10 years young in France (yes in France ;D) and I was completely sold on carp fishing. For the last 2 years I have acquired a new passion for carp fishing and photography. Photography has given me an ‘extra eye’ for detail and inspired me to respect and appreciate more the beautiful things in life. The most important thing for me in my angling photography is to show and share the joy of fishing and of nature on my journeys.

I fish for the adventure and the joy of it, the silence of nature and the friendships forged. The quality of the tackle I use is very important to me to do ‘my thing’ right and just how I want it. I’ve used a lot of different brands but since discovering Gardner Tackle it has been my firm favourite.

Fact File

Name: Rex Van Puffelen
Location: The Netherlands
Date of Birth: 24 Juni 1995
Favourite Venues: Canal systems, Public French lake, Big Pits
PB’s (lb): Common 22.4kg, Mirror 21.6kg but how and where I catch them and the look of the fish is a lot more important to me than just these numbers.