I was a bit of late starter in terms of carp fishing, it was probably around the time of getting my driving licence when I was 17, that the addiction took a firm hold. I would flutter between day ticket venues and it happened to be at orchid lakes where I snared my first 20lb just before my 18th birthday, that capture was the catalyst to wanting to catch bigger carp. The next step was to catch a 30lber. I kept visiting Tanyards fishery throughout the colder months to no avail but persistence soon paid off. In the spring I caught the jewel of the lake ‘the linear’ at 31lb 02oz, which was followed 2 hours later by the biggest fish in the lake at the time at 34lb so it turned out they were like buses! One of the first venues I got stuck into in a campaign kind of style, was a club lake in Chichester, where I fished a whole season catching a few 30’s, including the biggun along the way. After doing the classic ‘I’ve caught a few 30’s, I must be Terry Hearn’ I went across the road to dabble on Vinnetrow and Runcton whilst they were still on a day ticket. Reality soon set in when I fished about 20 nights on each pond for only one fish out of each, still a good result but I was nowhere near ready for that kind of angling. So it was across the road again where I got a ticket on the CEMEX Westhampnett syndicate. I only did the one season on Westhampnett and this 70 acre pit taught me a lot about how valuable pre-baiting can be, I caught a lot of fish to over 35lb but due to a couple of the big ones going to carpy heaven it was time to move on. At this point in my life I was enrolled on the fishery management diploma at Sparsholt, so practical fishing time was filled up with theory fishing time! A few of the lads in my class were obsessed with some of the Yateley lakes so I got hold off a Farnham ticket and joined the madding crowd on the match lake. I didn’t really do a lot of time on the match lake but managed to winkle out a few, the holiday fish being one of my favourites. Then the phone call of all phone calls occurred whereby I was offered a ticket for Wellington Country Park, I agreed to accept the ticket and so the next chapter began. I’ve had some phenomenal times on Welly and will hopefully continue to do so for the near future. Whether I’m watching a float dip under with a 5lber on or attached to a leviathan, it’s always a pleasure and never a chore.

Fact File

Name: David Gaskin
Nickname: The Gaskinator
Location: West Sussex
Date of Birth: 13/10/88
Favourite Venues: Any that give me that special twitch
PB’s (lb): UK Mirror – 54lb 04oz
UK Common – 53lb 06oz
Foreign Mirror – 53lb
Foreign Common – 51lb 08oz