• Eduardo Zancada

During my 27 years as an angler I have had the pleasure of practising various fishing methods; spinning, fly fishing, Surfcasting, Game fishing. I have also been able to catch large tuna and predators in Spanish coastal waters. I have visited glorious and wild places, like the Amazon river, getting many great catches and have also fished in other countries like Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Canada and France. The practice of fishing is overwhelming and wonderful, but what’s certain, is that the practice carp fishing has a special magic, with its very own philosophy – simply a philosophy of life.

And finally, I suspect that so many of the concerns of mankind today are equally as unimportant as each other and are not nearly so much fun as fishing/carp fishing.

Thanks Dad for showing me the way to happiness…

Fact File

Name: Eduardo Zancada
Date of Birth: 07/10/1983
Location: Madrid/Spain
Years carp fishing: 18
PB: Common: 28kg/61lb Mirror: 22kg/48lb Comizo Barble 15kg/33lb Catfish: 80kg/176lb
Favourite venues: Orellana Lake, Spain.