I was in a pram when my father first took me fishing and since then my interest in angling has never abated. After 8 years I got my first rod and since we own a private stretch of river, I fished there all the time. This fascination with carp fishing has never left me and pulls me more and more under it’s spell. So much so that my mailbox is now located on the bank! Even after 15 years of intensive carp fishing, I still see it as a challenge and and I am drawn for about 100 nights per year to the water. My goal is not to lose the fun and my passion for carp fishing, and if I do find a magic lamp, then I wish to land a flawless Linear above 15kg on my unhooking mat.

Fact File

Name: Christian Kirsch
Location: Ellwangen Röhlingen/Baden Württemberg
Age: 31
Carp Angler Since: 2000