I started on my quest to catch carp at the age of 14, many moons ago and I still love it as much as I did then. I have fished on small lakes, big lakes, rivers and canals in Belgium, France and Holland. But to be honest, I favour fishing on my home soil in Belgium, on the canals and on the river Maas. I do the odd trip to France and love fishing in the Uk as well, on lakes like the Quarry and Ladywell fisheries. Why in the UK? I like the history of carp angling and the UK is where it all started!

I am an angler who keeps it simple, I use quality bait with 100% confidence and this is the same with my rigs and terminal tackle. The blow back Rig is such an effective rig, that I don’t need to change, because it catches me lots of fish. So good bait and tackle (that’s why I have used Gardner for as long as I can remember) is what I use and this gives me the confidence I need to enjoy my angling. Catching carp is what gives me the buzz, I don’t target big fish (they just come along) so size or weight is not as important to me as some.

I just like being out there on the bank, doing my thing and being consistent. Catching carp and being by the water is my way of life and I will not change it for anyone!

Please watch videos of my angling Diary & short Tackle and Bait clips here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQwt0uq36Mei0Q1U50xk3sOPcy1Cuyeaq

Fact File

Name: Tommy De Cleen
Nickname: Ronny De Cleen
Date of Birth: Sept 1970
Location: Belgium
Favourite Venue: the river Maas and any canal here in Belgium or France
PB’s (lb): 52lb 8oz mirror, 49lb common