Scott Kingsley

Scott Kingsley

Day to day I work in the busy mail order department at Angling Direct – it’s a constantly growing industry with more and more demand daily. Everything is pretty much fishing, fishing, fishing for me. I have great passion for my job as well as for actually getting out and angling.

It started when I was young, just fishing the rivers and a local commercial venue for perch, roach and small carp. This really kick started and grew intense when I reached my twenties. There’s nothing better than sitting behind the rods on a summer’s evening watching the sunset, or being on the desolate frosted banks on a winter’s day when there are hardly any anglers about.

I like to get out on the bank as much as possible to target a variety of species, but my biggest passion is Carp fishing on syndicates and hunting out nomadic carp on rivers. It’s a real challenge but very rewarding when the effort is put in. I prefer to target good looking carp rather than huge fish; definitely quality over mass for me. I also like fishing for pike, barbel and chub.

Another passion combined with my angling is to write about it and feature in blogs for Gardner Tackle, CC Moore and Angling Direct – and I have also done articles for Big Carp Magazine. I write these to hopefully inspire and encourage other anglers and to give them an insight into how to use different tactics and methods, i.e. the tackle and bait I use to target and catch the chosen species.

Fact File

Name: Scott Kingsley
Nickname: Slayer
Location: Norfolk
Date of birth: 10/05/1986
Favourite venue: River Yare
PB: Common 33lb 10oz, Mirror 35lb 08oz

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