Fishing to me is first and foremost a hobby and always will be. Fishing is what I do to escape from the pressures and strains of life and is to be enjoyed. Enjoyment is the most important thing because if you don’t enjoy it then there’s no point in going.

I prefer to fish quiet secluded waters if I can, but as time moves on waters like this are few and far between. Given the choice, if circumstances allow, I will fish as close in as possible. I love stalking and being able to see the fish you are angling for, it makes it all the more real and exciting.

I think moving forward the only real target I have at this moment in time is to get out and do more fishing as I haven’t done much in the last 2 years, hopefully it shouldn’t be a very hard target to achieve.

Fact File

Name: Lewis Clayton
Nickname: Lewlew
Location: Cheshire
Date of Birth: 10th October 1981
Favourite Venues: Capesthorne Top Pool
PB’s (lb): 41lb (UK) 59lb 14oz (FOREIGN)