Fact File

Name: Josep Maria Bartralot Rovira
Age: 24/12/1986
City: Manlleu (Catalunya)
Years carp fishing: 10 years
PB: 44lb mirror on River Ebro
Favourite venues: Any quiet location with beautiful fish in it!
Favourite Rigs: Every situation is a different game but I love using pop ups and fishing a rod with the Chod Rig if possible!
Favourite baits: I have used a lot of baits but I prefer Innovate Baits and fishing with tiger nuts.
Other interests: My wife and boy are very important to me, we go everywhere together. Also we have two British Bulldogs that are also part of the family!
Favourite music: I like Punk Rock music
Webside: Find me and connect up on facebook. ´JM Carper´.