I started fishing from a very young age, but have been carp fishing for around 25 years. I was lucky enough to live very close to the Medway Valley so really cut my teeth on the lakes at Larkfield and on Johnsons Railway.

Since then I have fished a long list of waters all over the country with Conningbrook, Linch Hill and St. Ives Lagoon being amongst my favourites.

I am a family man with 4 children and a grandson. I work full time as a shift manager in a factory so my fishing time is limited to around 4 nights a month.

At present, I am back in the valley with my sights set on a couple of special commons, one of which is knocking around the magical 50lb mark, so fingers crossed for a new PB common in the near future.

Fact File

Name: John Waller
Nickname: Long-Stay-John
Location: Chatham, Kent
Date of birth: 12/04/74
Favourite venue: Conningbrook
PB: (UK) 62lb 4oz Mirror, 42lb 8oz Common, (foreign) 51lb 8oz