I’ve fished since a young age, starting with a pole and seat box, fishing matches down at my local club happily bagging up with all the little species that I could.

Before I knew it I was surface fishing in some of the matches, catching the carp off the top which has always been a favourite method of mine. It’s such a buzz watching them take the hook bait.

This then led me onto carp fishing and now there are very few weekends of the year you won’t find me on the bank side somewhere in “Ringwoodshire” chasing after those big carp.

I’m always getting told I’m lucky with my girlfriend because she also likes the fishing too! She lets me go most weekends of the year and she is always encouraging me to push myself to the next level; fishing on harder lakes which is always makes it even more rewarding when I bag one!

I work for my dad doing ground works, which is lovely in the summer but very muddy and cold in the winter. With a 5 o’clock finish every Friday it’s always hard to get the swim you want for the weekend but I still love it.

Fact File

Name: Ashley Bailey
Nickname: Bailey
Location: Verwood
Date of birth: 14/09/1991
Favourite venue: New Forest Water Park
PB: 49lb 12oz (UK)