Hello I’m Laurent, 36 years old, an expatriate in Alsace after several career changes.

My father was a fisherman who took me regularly to the waters where he fished. Canals, ponds and rivers were the playgrounds where I learnt my craft.

When I started, I did not really have a favorite fish, the important thing was that I was at the edge of the water or simply in nature. When I was 19 years old, whilst I was fishing a lake along a northern canal, my reel started screaming. Immediately after making contact with the fish, I saw an enormous common heading towards me, the fight lasted about 30 minutes and resulted in a breakage. A landmark event that gave me the passion for carp fishing.

I currently hold the position of graphic designer and editor of the E-Book “MADE IN GT”, a virtual magazine for the French Gardner Team.

I look forward to seeing you at the water’s edge…

Fact File

Name: Laurent Delcourte
Nickname: Laurent