I have always followed my father to the water’s edge, watching him, until there was an opening in a small community pond in my hometown, the Pas de Calais. He put a rod in my in hand with a strong line and a big fat worm attached, I must have been 4 or 5 years old no more, and I took a huge tench! That was enough, I had caught the bug.

Since that day, I constantly browse the slightest gap of water in my area, where I initially started stalking predators with lures.

I practiced in all kinds of freshwater fisheries, then one day returning from a fishing trip I met two brothers with all the carp gear. They showed me carp fishing for the first time, that was in 1994 and since that day I fish exclusively for the magnificent fish, carp.

I love all types of water channels including some in my hometown but also small although wild northern rivers such as Lys. Small abandoned water bodies also fascinate me because they are always full of surprises.

I have lived in Normandy since 2005 due to a job transfer. I then discovered serious carp fishing in the Seine, and also the Eure River. I also fish the many gravel pits near my home. All I can say is that the more wild it is, the more I love it. I also love everything that is related to nature and in particular photography and video.

Since then I have joined the company, Gardner Tackle, as a consultant, where I participate in product testing and product enhancement. Speaking and writing English has helped me greatly.

I have also the great opportunity to integrate recently Team with LT Baits after many discussions, the wildest of course, with my friends Ludo B. and Ludo R. And apparently I am the dean of this venture!

Since the beginning of 2013, I joined the editorial staff of the magazine; Autentik Sniper, where I present Gardner Tackle material through online articles. I am also involved in the drafting of another free online magazine with the angler Madfred, who is also a friend of Gardner Tackle.
Finally another project is underway in 2014, but for now, it remains a secret!

Fact File

Name: David Dauchy
Location: Rouen, Normandy France
Date of birth: 09/06/1976
Favourite: All waters but preferably wild ones
PB: I do not know, I almost never weigh them