I started fishing at a young age, being taken to various lakes by my father predominantly float fishing and catching whatever was there to be caught.

A day at Parkers Lake in 1997 spawned my enthusiasm for carp as a species when two kind anglers fishing that day, showed me the hair rig. During that same session I was fortunate to land a stunning 18lb mirror carp And From that point on, I was hooked.

I have naturally progressed through many angling styles and various approaches during my years on the ban – and consider myself to be a technical angler, who considers and justifies each and every component that I’m using on my setup. Based on this I’ve come up with an approach that I’m confident in for almost every eventuality. This means, that now more than ever, I can focus purely on locating the fish and applying the bait correctly to induce more regular bites.

I enjoy catching carp in many different ways, you could find me locating carp in intimate swims then building their confidence before introducing my hookbait carefully to snare them. That said, if a spod and fishing at range is required I’m quite happy to do that. Sometimes just being on the bank is enough but cradling a well earned lump is the buzz I can’t get enough of.

This year I am targeting and hope to complete “the set” of UK forties (with a forty pound common) and typically, my target lives in an 80 acre pit! Hopefully with that target achieved I’ll be aiming for the set of fifties – but that may be more likely a 12 year, than a 12 month aspiration!

Last year I did numerous magazine articles for Total and Advanced Carp and tutored at a few of the annual events, namely the Carp Societies “Junior Carp Camp” and the “Fish with the Stars” event for motor neurones disease held at Linear Fisheries.

This year I will be attending both these great events, links to which are below (tickets are still available).



I hope to see you there and good luck in your angling in 2014.

Stay sharp,

Fact File

Name: Lee Wagner
Nickname: Bear Grylls
Location: Coventry
Date of birth: 19/11/1979
Favourite venue: Those that have nice carp!
PB: (UK) Leather 46lb 2oz, Mirror 39lb 10oz, Common 38lb 14oz, Tench 10lb 10oz, Bream 12lb 12oz, Catfish 63lb 9oz