Paul Hatton

Paul Hatton

I have been a dedicated carp angler for around twenty years now. Along the way I have fished for and caught some of the very best ‘original’ carp living in my local Cheshire waters. My best capture would have to be “Single Scale” from Redesmere, a sixty year old stunner that is one of the most sought after fish in the north of England. With trips to France, visits to lots of well known UK day ticket waters and a sprinkling of competition fishing, I am confident in my approach to any angling situation.

I really love long range fishing and this has proved to be a great advantage on many of the waters that I have fished over the years. Putting a bait in an area that is out of reach for most other anglers is a huge edge but it’s not all about smashing one out! I am also passionate about setting traps in the edge. I have learnt lots from watching carp at close quarters and as a result, I have honed various presentations and devised some really effective rigs that have been featured in many of the top carp magazines.

I have always been very interested in carp baits and I have been working in the industry for the last five years. I now own a company called Cutting Edge Products, it was formed a little over a year ago but it’s going really well. I get a huge kick when I hear success stories from happy anglers who are using the baits that I have produced, it’s very rewarding.

Fact File

Name: Paul Hatton
Nickname: None that Paul was willing to divulge! (how ’bout “then pull it off”!)
Location: Manchester
Date of Birth: 12th November 1979
Favourite Venues: Local Cheshire Meres, Manton in Lincolnshire.
PB’s (lb): (UK) 35lb, (Europe) 47lb 4oz

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