Line & Links Straightener

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Line & Links Straightener

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Product Description

Line straighteners have a long and proven track record with specialist game anglers, who use them to straighten and clean leaders, and to remove the gloss from newly tied tippets.

We coarse anglers have been slow to catch on to this simple but extremely useful and effective accessory…but better late than never as this handy little tool can really give you an edge.

  • Cleans and takes away the sheen from new lines and helps to remove annoying kinks.
  • Simply pull required length of line through the pads a couple of times whilst applying light finger pressure.
  • High quality, 100% leather construction. Some similar ‘straighteners’ are made with rubberised pads, but these tend to leave a nasty dark mark that is highly visible on clear copolymer and fluorocarbon lines and hooklinks.
  • D ring for attachment to key ring or clip. Small enough to fit into most tackle boxes or makes a nice key ring in itself!
  • Colour: Black with Gardner logo.


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