ATTs Crystal Dual LED Alarms




These very special ‘limited edition’ twin LED clear Bodied ATTs Crystal underlit alarms simply look absolutely amazing in the dark!

The twin LED’s are positioned under the wheel AND on the front of the alarm. This has the affect of lighting up the whole of the clear body and being extra bright thanks to the additional light source/LED.

  • These alarms retain the same core features, functions, size and bullet proof reliability of the original ATTs and under illuminated versions of the ATT heads.
  • Dual LED Crystal ATTs Alarms are available in three different colours: red, blue and white.
  • Whilst the under illuminated wheel version of the ATTs already offers much better peripheral visibility, where ever the angler may be in the swim, these clear case heads take that concept way further, as the whole alarm glows vividly with the colour of the LED.
  • Crystal Bodied ATTs alarms are supplied with a 2 magnet clear roller wheel as standard. These clear wheels can be changed quickly and easily to a colour matched wheel that really enhances the colour of wheel.
  • Built-In transmission that is compatible with the V2 ATTx Receiver and Deluxe Receiver (the alarms must be programmed into a compatible receiver, which provides all the audible and vibratory indication).
  • No buttons or knobs for increased reliability. Instead the ATTs heads use a “Intelligent” Protective Hard Case as Standard that acts as the ON/OFF switch for your ATTs, disabling the battery when fitted. Removing the hard case to turn the ATTsi ON.
  • All ATTs heads are 100% Watertight! The absence of buttons, jack-plug sockets and speakers reduces the risk of water ingress and electronics damage.
  • The rods sit in high parallel ‘ears’ that prevent lateral rod movement and reduce the risk of a rod being pulled off the alarm on vicious takes.
  • The ATTs introduces a bite detection system that has ‘anti-rock’ firmware that stops the alarms from giving repetitive false beeps like many other roller wheel alarms do.
  • The ATTs alarm comes with a high standard of digital circuitry for total reliability and performance.
  • The integtral Low Battery Warning System signals the ATTx receiver which will beep to warn the user of a low battery state on any ATTs head (a series of beeps that register against that heads channel).
  • A Betalight Slot on each ear for the dedicated 6mm x 2mm ATTs Tritium Max Betalights (these are sold separately).
  • Brass 3/8 BSGF bankstick thread and locking nut will not corrode.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight.
  • Supplied already fitted with a Free Test Battery as Standard.
  • Height = 64mm, Width = 34mm, Depth = 21mm.
  • Full 1 Year ATT Warranty.
  • There are lots of upgrades available for the ATTs Alarms. Please click here to view them –

Sensitivity can easily be adjusted by fitting alternative roller wheels (click here to see roller wheels – These are available in a wide range of colours and in 2, 4 or 6 magnet roller wheels:

  • The 2 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 1cm of line movement.
  • The 4 magnet wheel the receiver beeps once per 0.5cm of line movement.
  • The 6 magnet wheel is ultra-sensitive and beeps once per 0.33cm of line movement.
Clear case ATTsi Dual LED heads are available in the following colours:

The ATTs range of alarms are the most water-tight bite alarms available. To make sure that these alarms stay in tip top condition it is still important to look after them and treat them with care.

To ensure the greatest reliability and longevity:

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the items off before storing them in a dry place.
  • We recommend keeping them somewhere warm (or at least stable temperatures) to avoid heating and cooling that may cause condensation.
  • If you’re putting the buzzers and accessories away for extended periods of time we strongly recommend taking out the batteries. Battery leaks are not covered by the ATT warranty.


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