ATTx Deluxe Receiver




When combined with the ATTs heads or ATTx transmitter systems The ATTx Deluxe Receiver sets a new benchmark for wireless bite alarm receiver systems.

So what does it do that the V2 receiver doesn’t?

  • The Deluxe Receiver now features an in-built stub aerial that gives the receiver extra range and it now uses 2 AA batteries. This small change means that the unit has longer working life on each set of batteries and it also helps to increase the workable range of the receiver, improving the signals penetration of foliage.
  • The casing is still the same high quality soft touch finish and is now extremely water resistant!
  • Significant improvements to the electronics mean that receiver now has 10 independent channels (twice that of the standard receiver) and each channel can be programmed to a different tone output; selected from the 21 tones available.
  • Volume is adjusted through 5 settings using the SSI (Silent Step Increment) system, controlled by the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons on the side of the receiver, with the volume being indicated by the LED display on the front of the unit.
  • You still have the choice of Vibrate on/ off, but this is now complimented by the vibrate mode automatically switching on when the speaker output is reduced to silent.
  • Another really nice improvement is that the first bleep is no longer a ‘double bleep’.
  • Finally, the receiver is supplied 7 colour lenses (5 fitted and 2 optional colours), with all the colours available to purchase for those anglers that want to customise the colour array they are using.

Coloured Lenses:

Coloured Lenses are available to buy separately in 8 different colours, meaning that anglers can customize the colour array of their Deluxe Receiver System.


To make sure that your receiver stays in tip top condition it is important to look after it and treat it with care.

To ensure the greatest reliability and longevity:

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the item off before storing it in a dry place.
  • We recommend keeping it somewhere warm (or at least stable temperatures) to avoid heating and cooling that may cause condensation.
  • If you’re putting it away for extended periods of time we strongly recommend taking out the batteries. Battery leaks are not covered by the ATT warranty.


ATTx Deluxe Receiver Manual


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