• Tony Welch Spring Article Featured Image

Carp Fishing – Bring Me Sunshine – By Tony Welch

With the daylight hours rapidly increasing combined with the warmth of the sun, fish activity will be increasing on all […]

  • Craig Mortimer Over night session featured image

Carp Fishing – The Key To Overnight Sessions – By Craig Mortimer

As some of you might know, I tend to do a lot of quick overnighters each week. My time is […]

  • Mike Willmott Spring Blog Featured Image

Carp Fishing – Spring Is Here – Well Almost! – By Mike Willmott

Now I expect most of you, just like me, are awaiting the arrival of spring with eager anticipation! I must […]

  • How To Up Your PB Perch by Alan Stagg Ratio 3x2

How To Up Your PB Perch by Alan Stagg

Perch are a species that are often synonymous with cold winters, yet autumn and the early winter months of September, […]

  • Winter Barbel Fishing Part 2 Ratio 3x2

Coarse Fishing – Winter Barbel Fishing Part 2 – By Lewis Baldwin

Imagine we are now leaving the summer behind, the greens will be turning to golds, browns and oranges and the […]

  • Winter Barbel Fishing Part 1 Ratio 3x2

Coarse Fishing – Winter Barbel Fishing Part 1 – By Lewis Baldwin

Barbel fishing throughout the winter months can be a very hit and miss affair. If you get it right and […]

  • hookbait experiment featured image

The Great Hookbait Experiment – Ricky Thomas

Three rods, three different hookbait presentations, one baited area. Which one catches the most fish – pop-up, wafter or bottom bait? Ricky Thomas investigates... MOST anglers today use three rods and quite often they opt to fish all three in a tight area, especially when looking to get the fish feeding well. With that in mind...
  • Tri lakes featured image

Trilakes Red Letter Day – Brandon Butler

Young Brandon Butler is this month’s Under-21s writer, and not only has he got a great story to tell about catching lots of fish, they are also absolute stunners. I decided on a 48hr-session at Trilakes Country Park because I have been trying to get amongst the bigger residents which I have seen there. The weather was spot on...
  • the multi recoil featured images

The Multi-Recoil – Paul Hatton

After experiencing problems with pest species, Paul Hatton makes a few tweaks to get around the little blighters, and has come up with a Multi-Rig approach which incorporates a nifty little recoil effect. I’m a firm believer in not fixing what isn’t broken when it comes to my rigs, but now and again you find yourself in a...
  • good old bags featured images

The Good Old Bag and Stick – Paul Hatton

We’ve all seen features about using PVA, but Paul Hatton has gone one step further. His aim is to get you more bites by letting you in on his most successful mixes which have accounted for plenty of fish over the years. The good old PVA bag – I’m sure that pretty much every carp angler uses PVA on a regular basis. A simple mesh...
  • stories of success featured images

Stories of Success – Kai Richards

This time, young Kai Richards tells the story of quite possibly the best month’s carp angling anyone could ever wish for. Prepare to be amazed! March was quite possibly my best month of angling since I can remember. It started with a 48-hour session in a swim where I had seen a fish bosh out while I was walking around the pit...
  • Rig concealment featured image

Rig Concealment – Rich Adams

This month we catch up with Rich Adams to get the lowdown on the business end of his rods, and how he likes his rigs to be as stealthy as possible on the lakebed. How important is rig concealment for you? When it comes to rigs, I have always liked to keep things as simple as possible; if something is working I stick...