Whether you are a carp or specialist angler you’ll find the very best hook patterns within the Gardner Tackle hook range.
The ranges are broadly split into two groups; ‘Covert’ that is Carp focused (but of course they can be used for all species) and ‘Target’ that is focused on the multi species and specimen angler.
The Covert Dark range encompasses specialised carp patterns that have been designed for you to use for a specific purpose, like our hugely popular super sharp Chod Hook for use with D-Rigs, Chod/Hinged Stiff Rigs, Multi Rigs, etc. through to brilliant all round patterns such as the awesome Incizor Hook or the now legendary Mugga Hook patterns that includes the original, Continental and Longshank version.
The Wide Gape Talon Tip caters for anglers that prefer to use a beaked point hook, and the latest Covert Dark pattern has a re-profiled point that is sharper than before and has been reshaped to offer the best possible hook holds, whatever rig you choose to use with it.
The latest Covert Dark hooks unquestionably include some of the sharpest carp hooks available! The points have all been re-profiled to make them longer so they can take a firmer hook hold quicker. All the barbed patterns now feature micro barbs too, which are kinder to the fish’s mouth and help the hook go in faster. That means you hook more fish and then when the hook buries it does so quickly creating a really secure hook hold.
The Target hook range now includes three patterns; the original Target Specimen hook design is a scaled down Wide Gape Talon Tip. It’s amazingly strong and versatile pattern. This has now been joined by two new patterns; namely ‘Target Speci Straight Point’ and the ‘Target Speci Beaked Point’. Both patterns offer extraordinary performance and have a super sharp hook point and display exceptional strength without being heavy in the wire.
Gardner Tackle has supplied some of the finest hooks available for more than 2 decades and we have used this in depth knowledge and experience to design and develop hooks that work amazingly well across both carp and specimen angling disciplines. The hook designs are based on proven (tried and tested) hooking mechanics and then manufactured exclusively in Japan from the finest grade high carbon steel wire.
This manufacturing process includes both forging and double tempering; that make our hooks the strongest there are for each specific size and gauge wire. This means that you can use them with 100% confidence in virtually every carp and specialist fishing situation that you’re ever likely to encounter.