Jairo Bocanegra

Jairo Bocanegra

  • Jairo Bocanegra

I have been fishing since childhood, although it was in the 90s when I became truly focused on big carp. Throughout my life I have evolved as a carp angler, at first I liked to fish long distances where nobody else was fishing but today I prefer the short distances which seem to be less targeted. I think that with boats and bait boats the essence of fishing from shore is being lost. At the distance of a catapult, with wading boots, baiting spoon or throwing stick, I like to capture special carp in sites which are wild and complicated, regardless of size.

Fact File

Name: Jairo Bocanegra
Date of Birth: 30 de Agosto de 1981
Location: Extremadura (España)
PB: My current record is 57 lb common carp, although I have captured quite a few fish over 35lb and 45lb, including some mirror carp
Favourite venues: Lake Horno Tejero, Lake Orellana, Guadiana River.

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