Craig Mortimer

Craig Mortimer

I got hooked on fishing from a young age, and never looked back! For me it’s the memories made whilst out on the bank and the friends you make, every session is always a journey and you’re constantly learning and improving.

I started off match fishing and general coarse fishing until the age of 16. Then it happened and I witnessed a 25lb mirror on the bank. I couldn’t believe the size of it and from that day forwarded I really wanted to start to target these fish.

Working paper rounds and doing part-time work just to keep saving up for all the kit I needed to target these fish.

After fishing a few local lakes and getting the experience needed, I got a car and started venturing out on my own onto more exclusive waters and loosing my self around different lakes in my area. 12 years on and I’m still as keen as I was at 16.

I now have a few syndicates I’m fishing on, West Stow Country Park being one of them as well as Monks Pit in Cambridge.

Working full-time and working my fishing around weekends and ‘over nighters’ I’m always seen walking about different lakes and trying to keep in touch with what’s going on to make life easier when it comes to fishing time.

I take a very mobile approach to my angling and I love my floater fishing.

Every capture is an achievement. It doesn’t matter if its 10lb or 90lb – they all count. It’s all about being out there and doing it. As long as you are enjoying it, catching fish, good fish safety and friendly you’re doing it right.

Fact File

Name: Craig Mortimer
Nickname: Craig
Location: Ipswich, Suffolk
Date of birth: 10/06/1986
Favourite venue: West Stow Country Park
PB: 41lb 7oz mirror (UK), 32lb 13 oz common (UK), 46lb 6oz mirror (Foreign)


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