Ludovic Leblan

Ludovic Leblan

Like many, the fishing bug was passed to me by my father, a big fan of sea fishing. I do not remember when I started exactly, because I was only 4 years old at the time, but the stories that my parents tell me give me much satisfaction. Apparently I started fishing in the sea or in rivers during our holidays in Ardèche and in trout ponds in the north of France, under the supervision of my father!

Fishing quickly became a passion of mine, regardless of the type of fishing it was, and today I am still an avid fisherman and a fan of different fishing techniques. These techniques include the feeder, the British, fly fishing, stalking and of course the battery.

For many years, this passion has led me to fish in different waters both near and far and the meeting of fellow fisherman along the way and the sharing of ideas, have enriched this passion.

Fact File

Name: Ludovic Leblan
Nickname: Ludo
Location: North of France
Favourite Venues: Rivers, lakes and ponds in my area
PB’s (lb): common and love blac 20kg, 30kg silver love, catfish 60kg, 30kg sturgeon

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