Mark Casper

Mark Casper

Mark Casper is a hugely successful big carp angler, who has an enviable track record of captures from some of the most prestigious waters in the South East of England – especially waters in and around Kent where he has concentrated a significant portion of his angling efforts in the past.

These venues have ranged from low stock inland sea’s to highly pressured big fish circuit waters, such as the famous waters at Sutton, through to the Thames.

Mark has an uncanny knack for identifying how, where and when to angle for and then catch some of the country’s finest! Unsurprisingly, he has some strongly held opinions on rig craft and when specific presentations should be used to maximum effect.

His knowledge and expertise is certainly not restricted to rig trickery though… He is the proprietor of ‘Specialized Hookbaits’ and he has applied decades of experience in developing a range of extremely successful hookbaits that have become very popular over the last couple of years.

That same understanding of bait is certainly not restricted to hookbaits either – and he uses a few choice strategies when it comes to choice of bait and its application. With a bit of luck we may even cajole him into writing an article or two on this very subject. Whether it’s his famous ‘fermented garlic hemp’ trick or out and out boilie angling, Mark is somehow able to stay one step ahead of other anglers on the lakes he fishes – and capitalises as a consequence.

We’re thrilled to have him as a member of the Gardner Team.

Fact File

Name: Mark Casper
Nickname: Casper
Location: SE London
Date of birth: 16/11/1973
Favourite venue: The Ocean, Road and Island Lake, River Thames, Roach Pit, The one that I’m fishing at the moment
PB: 52.10 Mirror carp, 39.10 Common carp (UK)


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