Ricky Knight

Ricky Knight

Whether I’m tip fishing on a drain or pole fishing on a local commercial, angling has always been a massive part of my life. By the age of 12, I could regularly be seen competing in local matches on a Saturday and Sunday, and before long my match skills grew, resulting in me winning various competitions across the South West.

Things started to change when I got a job in my local angling shop. Being branded a ‘noddy angler’ alongside seeing photos of big fish, whetted the appetite and before long I found myself sat behind two rods fishing for carp. Local venues, such as Combwich Ponds, became my hunting grounds and I soon found myself starting to catch consistently.

Alongside the support I get from Gardner Tackle, I regularly contribute to the angling press in titles such as UK Carp. My hobby has also become part of my working life as I now run my own Angling Events company whilst also working in property. Currently my time is limited, so most of my angling is done while on feature, which I really enjoy.

Fact File

Name: Ricky Knight
Nickname: Ricky ‘Fear’ Knight
Location: Somerset/Devon
Date of birth: 7/10/1991
Favourite venue: A private southern non-publicity reservoir
PB: (UK) 47lb 8oz
Achievements: I currently hold the record for Devon’s biggest carp, weighing in at 47lb 8oz.


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