“I’ve grown up and lived in Cornwall all my life (a fantastic part of the country) and have been angling since 1988 when I fished for the usual Roach, Rudd, Perch etc. One evening while at College reservoir i saw a 19lb common being returned, and have been totally engrossed in carp angling ever since, although I have spent a number of nights out bass fishing the Cornish surf beaches! In 1989 i caught my first carp from College in the shape of a 20lb plus mirror and continued to fish the lake until the mid-nineties.”

1996 saw Tony on the Salamander lake, which Ken Townley wrote about on a number of occasions, a small public water in the middle of a town, that held 27 fish with the best being ‘big daddy’ at 30 plus. This fish was his target and 12 months to the day after starting in December 1997 he caught that fish at 33.06lb, his first 30 and well worth the grueling winter nights.

In recent years he has fished Argal Reservoir. A large, deep, challenging water, but rewarding when it all comes good. This lake that boasts several 30 plus Common Carp, and is where he caught his largest specimen at over 38lb, nailed on a Mugga!

He enjoys all parts of the sport, whether it be sitting on a large low stocked reservoir, fishing a commercial water for smaller carp or attempting to locate and catch a target.

“Its nice to go at a big fish and take on the mental side of the sport where its as much about endurance and mindset as anything else, but i like to see the indicators moving with some regularity (especially in winter).”

Because of the diverse carp angling he does, from one extreme to the next, he needs an array of kit to suit these ever changing situations whether it be long range boilie fishing where a casting line and decent throwing stick are needed or fishing adjustable zigs in deep water.

Gardner tackle are definitely the way forward for me. The best piece of advice I could ever give to a fellow carp angler is – do it for yourself, get what YOU want from angling, and enjoy it!”

Fact File

Name: Tony Welch
Location: Cornwall
Date of Birth:
Favourite Venues:
PB’s (lb): 48lb mirror and 50.02lb common