What can we say? His technical knowledge in tackle production and valuable big fish catching skills makes Lewis an invaluable member of the Gardner team, from his early exploits on Yateley in the 80’s and 90’s to his recent successes at Frimley. A number of 40lb+ Carp to his credit, culminating in the famous Heather the Leather from Yateley’s Car Park lake at a weight of 47lb 12oz. A really well known character within the big fish world, who also has a number of big Barbel, Tench and Bream under his belt, Lewis is in charge of Marketing and Product Development here at Gardner.

Fact File

Name: Lewis Read
Nickname: Mavis or Millhouse
Location: Yateley, Surrey
Date of birth: 06/03/1971
Favourite venue: Hertfordshire Club Lake and Welly
PB: (UK) Leather 47.12Ib, Mirror 52.10lb, Common 54lb, ‘Ghostie’ Common 37.08lb


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